Group Sheng Ji Installation Ceremony


This land of fortune commands a set of imposing Feng Shui dynamics, driven by a majestic dragon, which is protected by the green-dragon and white-tiger guardians on both sides as it rides on the stout back of the dragon-turtle. NV Seed overlooks an expansive opening flourished by vibrant, unobstructed waterways alongside a colorful fertile soil, set in a vigorous environment. A good, effective Sheng Ji lies in its ability to amass spirited ‘Qi’ from the universe and Nirvana is holding the key.

This auspicious land emanates the mightiness of a dragon while being embraced by vigorous waterways in close proximity, making it a Feng Shui perfect environment for fostering good fortune. It is most appropriate for people looking for a better career advancement and luck for wealth. Additionally, if you desire the guidance from a godsend, this is the right place to start with.