Shen Ji Feng Shui

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We often wonder if we can change our destiny. Well in Feng Shui’s point of view, we all can alter our destiny and thus we have Sheng Ji installation. The art of Sheng Ji actually came from Unique Feng Shui technique. Because no one is born with perfect Ba Zi, so with a little help of Sheng Ji Feng Shui, one can definitely improve their destiny.

Accoding to the ancestral secrets kept by Feng Shui Master Wong (President of the Malaysian I-Ching Fengshui Association), there are 7 benefits of installing Sheng Ji:

  • To promote longevity: A good health, including spiritual health, results in longevity.
  • To trigger energy: A strong body with a healthy mental stamina to motivate positive energies.
  • To change the course of your destiny: A remedy for the imperfect Ba Zi through Feng Shui orientation in the later stage.
  • To spur career promotion: A luck for career and guidance from a godsend (Gui Ren)
  • To wish for newborn and wealth: The arrival of a newborn and improvement on career and wealth.
  • To improve human luck: On matters relating to favourable circumstances, including marriage.
  • To earn merits through charity: The virtue good deeds makes you a noble person.

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